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Scope to Industry Standard
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Hello and welcome!

You may know me, I founded Sohnar, the business that developed the award-winning agency management system Traffic LIVE.  Since the sale of Sohnar to Deltek last year, I have been working on another software solution. This tool aims to tackle one of the biggest challenges that agencies face: properly estimating and scoping out work and managing that process in a smarter way that email and excel.

Scoping is not easy. It is more of an art than a science, and one of the few agency processes that is still conducted in the dark and without commercial rigour. Our new software toolcalled Scope addresses exactly this.  It will, quite simply, make your job a whole lot easier and your scoping consistently more accurate. A complete game-changer.

How can I justify such a bold statement? Compare these two worlds:

Today’s world:

A brief comes in. The account or project manager shares it and all the various departments input. The estimated effort, the team required and what the overall price should be. It’s based on a mix of past experience, individual opinion, best guesswork, what was charged last time… or what you think the client is willing to pay. Then, after a lengthy process, the budget maybe drastically revised or vetoed, causing a desperate scramble to put something together that everyone is happy with. Sound familiar?

The world with SCOPE: 

SCOPE makes the process of producing scope-of-work estimates a science not an art. In this world you benchmark your scopes against estimates produced by over 700 agencies worldwide in real-time. Teams can collaborate across the office or around the world without the need for Excel or email; and, to give your client confidence that the estimate is based on fact not guesswork, your scope will carry a new industry quality mark – the ScopeMark. Sound interesting?

If you want to learn more, contact us for a demo or visit our website.

Very best,

Tracey Shirtcliff
CEO, The Virtù Group
Founder of Traffic, TrafficLIVE and SCOPE