The high cost of inaccurate agency work estimates

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All agencies (including yours) consistently lose money due to the disproportionately high cost of sales and inaccuracies in the estimating process. It takes far too long to produce “accurate” cost estimates, get internal approval and map project planning against resource trafficking.

By the time any client finally sees an estimate, your agency has burnt through a sizeable amount of time and money.

How many of your cost estimates then get negotiated down by client services, or the client themselves? The whole process is broken – everyone knows it, but nothing has been done about it.

So… we’ve designed Scope – a piece of software that massively reduces the time it takes to produce and manage Scope and cost estimates for work. It allows seamless collaboration. It also enables you to benchmark your costs against the entire industry average, by specific deliverables, in real time.

It’s true.  Contact us to find out more.