Could a new agency technology take your job?

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Ignore new technologies at your peril

IF disruption is happening at break neck speed across industries: from Uber completely rewriting the taxi landscape to Airbnb reshaping the hotel stay, to Facebook creating more user-generated content than could ever have been imagined. Then what’s happening in data and AI to really help Agency execs make informed decisions?

Agencies are busy looking at tech such as Programmatic and assessing what it means for clients and marketing campaigns. But what is happening inside the process walls of agencies? Process is something that makes you slick and ensures you make more money. For example, getting the work estimate right is critical. It’s the start of things .. and the health of your agency (and your livelihood) hang in the balance.

Scoping and cost estimating is a process currently conducted in the dark with no science or rigour. It’s an art – and a protected one. Not any more. I have a new challenge to change a process; do it differently. That process is agency scoping.

The Virtù Group have launched Scope. It’s a piece of software that slashes the time it takes to produce and manage cost estimates for work. It enables you to benchmark your costs against the industry average – by specific deliverables in real time. Secondly, it enables multiple global users to create, review and approve estimates as a team. No more inefficient email or untrackable Excel. Finally, it integrates with your existing agency management software. This gets your approved estimates into the schedule with a minimum of disruption and no more double entry – that’s so 1999.

If you want to drive for a better way to work, then join us on 28 April in London. Share a drink and experience Scope for yourself.