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The Virtu Group and Tangram Consulting have today announced their partnership to launch big data tool, Scope, to Australian agencies.

20 Jan 2017 11:32 AM AEST – The Virtu Group’s big data tool Scope – a baseline for agencies to benchmark and create rate cards and statements of work (SoW) against industry standards – today announced its partnership with Australian-based Tangram Consulting.

Scope, which launched in the UK in early 2016, aims to both provide and educate that mastery through big data and clever prediction by aggregating live data from more than four million jobs from more than 900 agencies in Australia and worldwide.

Nailing an airtight scope of work with a profitable but fair client budget is an art that agencies can struggle to master – and the high turnover of account management team members locally only makes SoWs even tougher to perfect and manage.

Enter Scope. At its core, the tool allows you to enter the key components of your SoW and provides a prediction of the phases, hours and costs you should be billing based upon industry standards. It can Benchmark you to your peer group of agencies based on 20 different agency disciplines or groups.

The data is then pulled from millions of real jobs across job management systems, with an ongoing live feed that is expanding rapidly as the product gains traction across the globe – because a quarter of that data is pulling from agencies within the Australian market, it made launching here a no-brainer.

Scope has already signed up Award winning global agencies and continues to sign up more as it grows in traction.

Helen Johnson, from Tangram Consulting says: “As an independent consultancy we often see agencies underselling their services. Scope is the industry breakthrough we’ve been waiting for, there really isn’t anything else like it on the market.”

Tracey Shirtcliff, founder of The Virtu Group says: “Scope is the first tool ever to give you real insight on what to charge and what should be in your project and job scopes. A key part of the product is the unique ‘Scope Mark’ certification. This allows you to benchmark yourself to hundreds of other agencies globally and locally. This goes down to rates and hours on tasks and the resource to complete those tasks. It’s a game changer.”

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About Tangram

Sydney-based Tangram Consulting was founded in 2014 by Helen Johnson, an agency systems guru with years of experience both vendor and agency side. Tangram consulting works with agencies across Asia Pacific to optimise their processes and implement best-fit software solutions in order to grow their businesses.

About The Virtu Group

The Virtu Group is a world-class innovation and software development company, specialising in the marketing sector. They produce cloud-based software tools, designed to empower businesses, to make better decisions using the power of big data.

Tracey Shirtcliff, the founder, is a big-picture, best-in-class thinker, who has a team of clever technology, data, and Agency folks that she works with. In Tracey’s last business she was the creator of the number one resource management system used in creative agencies worldwide – Traffic Live.