The Top three reasons I moved from agency life to a tech SaaS platform. And why you should consider it now too.

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“…I bring a unique skill set, a different perspective, industry experience, passion and the belief that things can be done differently. “

We all know that agency life is exciting, fun, empowering and challenging, frustrating, but strangely enjoyable. The fast-paced environment makes (for the most part) a satisfying work life. Keeping you on your toes and working your brain to its full capacity. That’s what I believe keeps most of us in agency-life. Agency life also comes with a great set of like-minded individuals and a work-mate social life too – even if that might be desk pizza at 11.30pm while you scramble to create the best pitch of your life.

With that, you might ask why someone might choose to make an industry career change into a role that partners or provides solutions to agencies rather than working in one. Well, for all of the amazing people, the excitement, the challenges, and the general fast pace that I experienced in agencies, working for a tech company or a SaaS platform offers a lot of the same, and more.

This is my top three reasons:

  1. Keeping the brain working:

    SaaS tech companies are continuously working on new product feature developments, system improvements, internal and external processes, training packages and so much more. I find that the speed in which tech firms move, offers me a more varied day, new challenges and some excitingly complex projects to get involved with. I am able to input into all of these things, more than I ever would have been able to in my previous agency roles. The ability to be involved in a new project or task and ‘own’ it and see it through to fruition is a reward that I know I wouldn’t have experienced in my old agency life. This keeps the brain cells working. A very important thing for me.

  2. Growth:

    Being part of a business from its early days is very satisfying for me. I find it expands my thinking, widens my knowledge and enables me to try my hand at things I might never normally do. Each role has taught me incredible amounts, which I have been able to take to my next role. From the business side, I bring a unique skillset, a different perspective, industry experience, passion and the belief that things can be done differently. Working for a SaaS company has definitely grown my skills and experiences, but I like to think that what I bring to the table also has impact on company growth. I never did get that feeling in the agency world.

  3. Making a Difference:

    At Scope, I am 100% dedicated to a solution that delivers successful business change. For us, this is – deliverable based pricing, a better way of selling what agencies do, and it is aided by big data too. Agencies have a model of selling John, or Sarah’s time, to create a ‘thing’. But clients / Advertisers don’t just buy people, they buy people delivering things for their success. So, Scope is game changing because it gives the client something tangible and they can see what they are paying for. Win-win. I am thrilled that I am part of a product that I feel is making a real difference.

At previous companies, there was also a vision – to change the way things are done. To challenge old ways for a new, better. Whether that was how you hire and manage talent, or how you purchase your rail tickets. Being a part of changing ‘the old way’, giving a new better way to work has always been extremely rewarding.

So yes, a SaaS tech company, will give you all of the excitement, challenge and fun that you would have at an agency, but so much more exposure, learnings and direct access to areas of a business you might never see in a large global business. I highly recommend giving it a go.


[Charlotte Mason has joined us as Head of Implementation, with a robust knowledge of Agencies and smart ways of working – we’re delighted to have her on the journey with her positive outlook and skill set. Tracey Shirtcliff, CEO, The Virtu Group]