Agency software integration – a key driver to success

Agency software integration drives success. But how do you ensure your software is not making the task a messy and expensive one? GUEST BLOGGER Terry McMillan from integration partner Accountability Access explains.

Agency software integration drives success. But how do you ensure your software is not making the task a messy and expensive one? GUEST BLOGGER Terry McMillan from integration partner Accountability Access explains.

Software solutions for modern agencies must be able to integrate

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems must be adaptable enough to meet individual agency’s needs. Whether it’s an ERP solution for marketing agencies or manufacturing or retail, some systems are unfortunately designed with a predetermined client in mind. Which is another way of saying, “Once you open the box, you get what’s inside”.

Not only can this make the life of employees difficult, it means that the client has likely just invested in a system unable to integrate with other applications the business already uses, or may want to use.

Integrating with other specialized cloud-based systems means clients are able to utilize the best and newest tools available. This is why integration is at the forefront of our own project management and financial system solutions and why we’re so excited to announce our integration with The Virtu Group’s Scope software.

Scope allows users to estimate hours and rates for any agency scope of work using anonymized data from over 900 agencies worldwide. The benchmarking tool gives agencies real insight on what to charge and what should be in their project and job scopes.

Why is accurate job costing so important for agencies?

Accurate job cost estimating is a fundamental function for running a successful, profitable agency. However, there’s often a lot of guesswork in estimating, and a common tendency to ‘keep the price down to keep the client happy’ (sound familiar?).

Basically it’s a problem that’s not going away anytime soon. So it makes perfect sense to give people access to aggregated live data from agencies doing similar work to ensure their estimates are based on industry benchmarks.

This is a perfect example of a cloud platform’s power – the ability to harness and integrate to other applications smoothly and seamlessly.

The need for these real-time platforms is growing

As we travel the world talking with agency decision-makers, we hear first- hand how critical the need for up-to-the-second information is.

Implementing a nimble, flexible cloud-based software solution allows an agency to deal with complexity, embrace expansion and future-proof its operations.

A truly modern system not only provides consistent processes across your finances and project management, by integrating with other leading-edge software tools like Scope, it actually makes your agency a better place to work.


By Terry McMillan
Founder, Chief Architect & CEO
AccountAbility Access

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