Optimizing Demand and Capacity: How SCOPE can transform Agency Operations

July 2023

The Client: 

Sitting down with visionary agency CFO, Chris Johnson, we explored the challenges faced by agencies in the creative services industry when it comes to matching demand with capacity. Chris brings his extensive experience as a CFO, VP of Operations, and CEO in multinational organizations to shed light on this critical issue.
The Challenges:

The creative services industry often overlooks the importance of measuring and managing demand and capacity.

Without the right tools and methodologies in place, agencies struggle to efficiently allocate resources and optimize their operations. Historically, agencies focused on creativity and service levels, disregarding the need for cost efficiency and planning. This cultural legacy and mindset, combined with the lack of appropriate tools, have hindered agencies from effectively measuring and managing demand versus capacity.

The Outcome

Chris emphasizes that efficient resource management and capacity planning are crucial for agency profitability and value creation.

By implementing SCOPE, a pricing and scope management platform, agencies can address these challenges. 

SCOPE enables agencies to clearly define and quantify deliverables, estimate resource requirements accurately, and measure actual output against agreed-upon deliverables. 
With SCOPE’s data processing and information presentation capabilities, agency leaders can make informed decisions, negotiate pricing agreements based on detailed work descriptions, and explore different delivery strategies collaboratively.

Through SCOPE, agencies gain the ability to align demand with capacity, optimize pricing models, and improve efficiency. 

This leads to enhanced profitability, increased value, and improved competitiveness. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has created an opportunity for agencies to embrace change, adapt to digital workflows, and expand their reach beyond geographical boundaries.

In conclusion, matching demand with capacity using SCOPE empowers agency leaders to manage their businesses effectively, avoid loss-making projects, and deliver consistent quality to clients. 

By embracing digital transformation and focusing on methodology, process excellence, and connectivity, agencies can thrive in the post-COVID era and face new competition with confidence. 

Let’s talk how SCOPE can help your organization to succeed