Our CEO delves into DBP, industry benchmarks and taxonomy for AdForum

In time for the new year, Tracey Shirtcliff talks about some of the biggest topics shaping the industry right now.

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Adforum Magazine recently asked The Virtu Group Founder/CEO Tracey Shirtcliff to delve deeper into the concept of deliverable-based budgeting and the importance of establishing industry-wide benchmarks for deliverables and a shared vocabulary. That way marketers can compare and analyze what they’re receiving. The result is this essay.  See it here:

Adforum Analyze This: Brands Needs To Rethink Marketing Budgets For A Merry 202198702890160

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Oliver’s Jason Bailis in a fireside chat with our CEO Tracey Shirtcliff

Jason talking to us about the value of Scope’s deliverable-based benchmark data to Oliver.

Scope is 4 years in the making. It’s based on the number one premise that Excel and Word are not tools to manage global scope of work. That there is a better way. Armed with the want of a better way and driving a better more joined up process between advertisers and agencies- Scope was born.