A more effective, faster and accurate, pricing, approval software for service businesses

  • 8X Quicker quote generation
  • 1.7X Faster quote to cash
  • 27% Faster quote creation time
  • Maximise sales opportunities across the group
  • Gains consistency in the services sold
  • Establish and control pricing relative to the cost base

*Configure, Price & Quote (CPQ) users see 500% growth in revenue and 4.8 fold increase in profits.



Collaborate & Price

Maximise margin, deliver value, make more profit

Control pricing, quote accuracy, and team collaboration across your group. Manage what is sold more effectively with service book pricing for consistency and margin optimisation.

  • Access all your scopes and proposals in one place
  • Share best practices across the team
  • Create consistency in the services sold
  • Establish and control pricing relative to the cost base
  • Price anyway you or your clients want
  • Visibility of scopes, taxonomy and SOW structure

Control & Generate 

A 1% increase in price, equals an 8-11% increase in profits

Establish consistent profitable service pricing. The services you provide, priced correctly, approved and professionally auto-generated in correct document format.

  • Reduce time with easy pre-made document templates
  • Team and client document approval and compliance process
  • Gallery of editable and non-editable document formats
  • Real-time feedback comment tracking
  • Track and manage service and scope changes
  • View client specific scopes and proposals based upon access permissions
  • View client specific scopes and proposals based upon access permissions
  • Output to Word, Excel, CSV, PDF, DocuSign
  • Customisable & lockable T&Cs for control
  • track scope changes and manage new and existing budget lines to balance the overall budget
  • Discounting control & manage scope creep

Optimise & Analyse 

Never ever lose money, on what was sold, to the work delivered

Improve profitability and future negotiations by tracking the time and the scope of what was sold to what was delivered.

It’s too late if your analysing profitability after the job has finished.

  • Easy tracking of your scopes against client budgets
  • Update service price book to improve clients profitability
  • View time scoped vs actual time, against service pricing and add time back in
  • Improve global visibility of services sold with consistent trackable service price books
  • Track average margin per engagement. Understand service & staff demand.
  • Margin gains predictions by projects/client
  • Understand service and staff demand
  • Analytics performance data enables you track and predict services pipeline
  • Review which services were scoped incorrectly and refine them
  • Export or integrate data into BI tool

Integrations & API

End to end lead generation to cash

Scope is designed to connect your key management information into your system via web-hooks, API or middle-wear integrations such as: Okta, Salesforce (MuleSoft), DellBoomi

  • Connect your systems end to end from lead generation to billing
  • Reduce manual entry of data points between systems
  • Accurate and consistent data to scope with
  • Open API
  • Connect to your CRM, ERP, PPM or resourcing tool
  • Custom or out of the box connections

Hear how businesses succeed with Scope Better

Why matching demand with capacity is so important

“If you can’t measure demand and capacity you can’t manage efficiently”

The value of Scope’s deliverable-based benchmark data

“It’s probably 15% of the clients, use asset based pricing today.”

Overservicing shortchanges your clients and your agency

There is a way out. Here’s your 5-step plan for success.

The value of SCOPE


● Service Book’ ensures up-to-date pricing is used​
● Eliminate errors in financial calculations​
● Visibility - see predicted margin on projects​
● Approval process - eliminate rogue discounting​
● Feedback loop - sold v actual* to optimise price​
● Lock terms - less input needed from legal​

The value of SCOPE


Use templated scopes and auto-generate SOW documents to remove hours of manual work in consolidating and formatting information.

The value of SCOPE


Providing relevant permissions, firewalls and access to suit your needs.

The value of SCOPE


● Maximise sales opportunities across the Group​
● Ability to collaborate in real time on any SOW​
● Easy to invite team members​
● Visibility of scopes, taxonomy and SOW structure​

The value of SCOPE


Sync SCOPE with your other systems, CRM, ERP, Resource Management and more. No more information only saved on individual hard drives. Accuracy of rate-card versions. No erroneous manual re-entry. ​

There's a better way to scope