Show clients that your Scope estimates are based on fact, not guesswork

Our mission is to revolutionise the way agency scope-of-work estimates are prepared. To:
  • empower agencies to create scopes that are based on fact, not guesswork.
  • turn the creation of scopes from an art to a science by giving everyone access to a common industry standard.
  • improve the process, speed and accuracy of your scopes, and provide the ability to track, approve, and report against scopes. No email, no and excel, just clever scopes.
We are committed to building awareness of this mission and the attributes of Scope™ among agencies and clients. To this end we are making available the ScopeMark to Scope™ subscribers so that they have an easy way to indicate to their clients, the rigour and process that has been taken in preparing a scope of work. The ScopeMark logo The Mark is available to Scope™ subscribers only. Scope™ subscribers may use the downloadable logos to indicate that the estimate that you are presenting has been created using Scope™ and that the prediction is based on accurate, real-time, industry benchmark data.
Terms of use The Mark may not be recreated, altered, combined with other marks or used in a misleading manner. Your use of the Mark is subject to your compliance with the following Terms of Use. Logo display:  the quality mark must stand alone.  To preserve its integrity and clarity, a standard area of "clear space" should be maintained around the Mark in all uses. Background color:  the preferred way to display the ScopeMark is on a solid white background. When a solid white color is not practical, it may be used on a solid, light background color. The high resolution logo must be used for all print applications. Size: the ScopeMark has been provided in different resolutions in transparent PNG format. To ensure the logo resolution and quality are not degraded, do not enlarge beyond their native/maximum size or scale it disproportionately. Vector EPS logos may be enlarged. No recreation or modification: do not attempt to copy or recreate the ScopeMark. The Mark must be used as provided with no modifications.  Do not manipulate, distort or alter any element of the Mark, including changing its colour or orientation. No distortion:  do not use the ScopeMark in a manner that might create potential confusion or imply the use of Scope™ on scope of work estimates that have not been created using the software. Objectionable use:  do not display the quality mark in a manner that may be, in The Virtù Group’s opinion, misleading, unfair, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging, obscene or otherwise objectionable to The Virtù Group. Termination: if your subscription to Scope™ expires, you must stop using the Mark. Reservation of rights:  The Virtù Group is the owner of all rights to the Mark and reserves all rights save the limited license granted here.  Your use of the quality mark is pursuant to this license and should not be construed as limiting any of The Virtù Group’s rights in respect to the Mark. For assistance in understanding these Guidelines, contact us.