Attention Brands: Deliverable Based Pricing Is Here, Now What?

Ad Tech Daily, the industry’s publication dedicated to all things ad tech and ad ops features an article by The Virtu Group Founder & CEO about deliverable-based pricing.

Ad Tech Daily publication

It's high time we stopped selling time! Tracey Shirtcliff , our founder and CEO, charts a course for changing the way agencies price their work.

In discussion with Ad Tech Daily, our founder and CEO Tracey Shirtcliff talks about the shift to deliverable-based pricing and how this is the logical first step in moving away from the inefficient model of selling time.

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Scope is 4 years in the making. It’s based on the number one premise that Excel and Word are not tools to manage global scope of work. That there is a better way. Armed with the want of a better way and driving a better more joined up process between advertisers and agencies- Scope was born.