About us

We’re on a mission to take the pain out of quoting and pricing.
We know how hard it is to manually scope and price using spreadsheets and Word docs.
It’s difficult, time-consuming and easy to mess up.

That’s why we’re changing how it’s done. Forever.

Our Story

Working with Professional Services businesses for over 15 years, Tracey Shirtcliff saw one constant problem: Every organization manually builds quotes from excel spreadsheets and Google Docs.

This led inevitably to scope creep, missed deadlines and strained relationships with clients and suppliers.

Tracey saw a better, smarter way: “A way to remove departmental siloes and give spreadsheets the finger.”

That’s when SCOPE Better was born.

Our values at SCOPE Better

Better People

We treat each other with kindness, we don’t play politics, and we don’t tolerate rudeness, aggression or any kind of discrimination. We all want to work in a place which is fun, positive and supportive, so we create a safe environment where anyone can call out bad behaviour, irrespective of tenure or seniority

Better Outcomes

Great ideas need to be executed brilliantly, and we take great pride in the quality of our work. This needs personal accountability too – the actions we take (and don’t take) have a meaningful impact on everyone. We expect everyone to commit the same effort and care, because our collective success depends on it.

Better Conversations

Our focus is to make incredible products which solve problems for our clients. None of us have a monopoly on great ideas; nor do we get everything right. We talk to each other openly, listen respectfully to alternative points of view, and debate constructively. We’re all united in the same objective – build the best CPQ tool on the market, and we do that together.

Better Working

When we work wholeheartedly together, we can create something greater than the sum of our parts. Diversity of thought and opinion lets creativity flourish and innovation thrive. We nurture and encourage the unique strengths in our team, because as a combined unit we’re a pretty formidable force to be reckoned with. We take credit as a team, and we put mistakes right as a team. And debate constructively. We’re all united in the same objective – build the best CPQ tool on the market, and we do that together.

Our Vision

A world where no-one needs to manually build quotes from spreadsheets and word docs. Instead, they have an easy, accurate, and fast process.

We’re going to change how it is done forever.

“SCOPE Better empowers our clients to optimize profitability and exceed their customer expectations with insights that improve efficiency, optimize margins and eliminate pain points.”

Tracey Shirtcliff

CEO & Founder of SCOPE Better

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