At SCOPE Better, we pride ourselves on having an in-house, experienced Professional Services team who ensure our customers are able to quickly and effectively introduce our Pricing Platform into their business.

Our 4 Stage Process

Our successful implementation methodology follows a clearly defined process. This provides clarity throughout and allows our customers to work at a pace that suits them.

We run a shared implementation plan – we work with your teams and can do as little or as much as you need to deliver to your business objectives.

We also offer a quickstart scheme where you can be set live within 30 days.


Stage One

Understand & Analyse

We begin with a Project Kick-Off meeting between all the core people involved in the implementation process from both sides. This is followed on by a deep-dive workshop where the SCOPE Better team will deliver a partnered ways of working session where we get to know your business better.
Stage Two

Collate and Configure

This second stage begins with the gathering of your data sets, we then follow on with the system configuration. Here we set-up the system with your data and then configure it to your needs.
Stage Three

Testing and Training

Once we've completed the configurations, we go into a testing phase where we ensure that its all working as you wish. Once the core team is happy, we move into Training where we educate your business on how to get the best out of SCOPE Better.
Go Live

Analyse and Optimise

Once you're fully live, your dedicated Account Manager at SCOPE Better will stay in touch regularly. They will help you and your team to continually get the most out of the platform..

Partnership with you

Implementing SCOPE Better is a partnership using our expertise in our product, and your expertise within your businesses. The creation of a project team ensures that we work together to deliver your successful roll out and onboarding to SCOPE Better. For any implementation to be deemed a success, it is essential that this partnership has clear roles and responsibilities, success metrics and objectives set by you – our client, processes in place, and a clear plan for successful change across the business.

Our team work closely with you our client to identify the core responsibilities across the project teams for both parties. Proving clarity all the way through the implementation, including necessary actions and who is accountable for each to drive forwards successfully.

Setting clear objectives of what success looks like is essential. These objectives not only provide the business with a clear path to making SCOPE Better a success, but also aids with the communication and engagement across the wider business and core user teams. Understanding what success looks like means that our customers can measure how Scope Better has helped to address challenges previously faced prior to rolling out the Scope Better CPQ and gives management teams a quick view of why the system is important.

When it comes to quoting and scoping, it can often be a bit of a free for all. Some customers utilise the implementation of Scope Better as an opportunity to revise processes or even implement them. Our team can help by sharing best practices on scoping workflows and advise the best configuration of the system to support those processes.

The project team


Key stakeholder that leads organizational change


Partners with SCOPE Better and leads the implementation to success

SCOPE Better Champions

Advocates within the business who support change and are active participants in the change process

SCOPE Better Users

The people creating your proposals and the day-to-day users of SCOPE Better

Sucessful Change Management

Our Professional Services team supports customers throughout the full Scope Better journey, from implementation, go-live to customer success. Providing each customer with all the tools required to confidently manage their Scope Better system.  

1. Stakeholders

Identifying project leads and change champions at the project’s outset is fundamental in building support for a successful transition. 

Project leads are responsible for overseeing implementation, ensuring it stays on track and coordinate efforts across various departments. Champions are passionate individuals who drive the new solution, act as advocates and play a crucial role in disseminating information and fostering positive attitudes. 

2. Comms Strategy

Effective communication is paramount to a successful change management strategy. Well-planned and executed communication ensures stakeholders are informed and engaged. 
It’s essential to plan clear answers to team members’ questions, possible objections, and how to manage and alleviate concerns.

3. Training & Education

Tailored training and resources are critical to empowers users with the skills they need to use SCOPE Better effectively. 

Training is tailored to your business needs and will often include train-the-trainer onboarding sessions, video tutorials, user manuals, uploaded to our customers dedicated communication channels for easy access and ongoing support. 

4. Feedback

User feedback supports your implementation fully by engaging all users in providing their input on their experience in the system. Our team works with your project leads to manage these feedback sessions in a structured way and help identify any additional training needs or process improvements to help with a successful engagement.   

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