Case Study

Richard Tan, CFO, PARTNER, Embraces SCOPE Better CPQ to Revolutionize Deliverable-Based Pricing


Following consultation with Tim William & the Ignition Group, FIG adopted a progressive, value-based pricing model. Richard Tan recognized the unique value of SCOPE to establish consistent pricing baselines for its services. He knew SCOPE would ensure margins and drive efficiencies in the creation of their fee proposals.

SCOPE’s intuitive pricing configuration and its capabilities have helped FIG to simplify and fast track how they produce their scopes and see various pricing models to create tailored solutions for each client.

The Client

FIG Agency is an innovative data driven marketing and creative agency consulting firm serving a diverse range of clients across various industries. With a reputation for crafting integrated stories that cut through the clutter and complexity of the information age.

The business has grown rapidly to become a sought-after partner for businesses seeking to establish their brand presence and drive growth. Led by Richard Tan in Finance, a seasoned professional with a passion for excellence. FIG prides itself on its ability to deliver measurable results for their clients.

The Challenges

As FIG expanded its client base and took on more complex projects, Richard identified that the manual process of creating scopes and developing the pricing for these campaigns had become arduous and time-consuming. It became apparent that FIG Agency they needed a solution to streamline.

“Choosing SCOPE was a natural fit for FIG,” said Richard Tan. “We wanted a solution that could align our pricing strategy with our commitment to delivering exceptional value. SCOPE not only provided the necessary functionality but also will enable us to implement deliverable-based pricing seamlessly.”

In moving to pricing for the value of their services, as opposed to traditional T&M models, FIG’s customers are able to make informed decisions about the services they choose. This approach has not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also improved FIG’s overall competitiveness in the market.

SCOPE integration with FIG’s existing systems has been seamless. This allowed for a smooth transition and minimized disruption of day-to-day operations. SCOPE’s intuitive interface and user-friendly design have enabled FIG’s sales teams to easily configure complex quotations, generate accurate quotes quickly, and deliver back to their clients confidently and quickly.

“I have been thoroughly impressed with the value SCOPE has brought to our organization,” added Richard Tan. “Not only has it empowered our teams to provide customized pricing solutions, but it has also significantly reduced the time and effort required to create scopes. Our clients appreciate the clarity and simplicity that deliverable-based pricing offers.”

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