Case Study

Streamlining Pricing and Scoping: How Publicis Health Media Transformed their pricing with SCOPE better

The Client

Publicis Health Media (PHM) is a leading media agency specializing in the healthcare industry. Kim Van Tuyl, Group Vice President and Head of Business Management at PHM oversaw the team responsible for managing revenue and pricing models. Her main objective was to improve the agency’s operations, financial processes and safeguard revenue both internally and externally. This involved managing fee scopes, working media dollars, and ensuring clients received value-based remuneration.

The Challenges: Initially, PHM relied on a manual Excel-based process for scoping projects.

However, as the agency grew and their offerings became more complex, this approach became cumbersome, inconsistent, and inflexible.

They needed a solution that would enable quick, efficient, and consistent scoping, considering the diverse range of deliverables involved. The challenge was to find a tool that could centralize scoping and pricing, allowing the agency to accurately assess and manage pricing models and adapt to new industry requirements. 

The Outcome

Publicis Health Media partnered with Scope to overcome their pricing process challenges and transition from a manual spreadsheet approach to an online platform. By leveraging Scope’s capabilities, PHM achieved significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and margin growth.

Adopting a deliverable-based approach allowed them to align project details and establish a pricing baseline for teams.

This shift laid the foundation for exploring and optimizing pricing. Resulting in a more thought out process and varied pricing strategies.

Scope’s connectivity and easy to use interface facilitated collaboration, and insight sharing to enhance pricing and quoting processes. PHM elevated their pricing conversations, introduced new pricing models, and became more flexible to client needs.

Implementing Scope streamlined PHM’s scoping process, freeing the team to focus on strategic pricing decisions rather than daily minutiae.

The agency experienced improved efficiency, enhanced pricing accuracy, and the ability to explore other pricing avenues, such as one-time product costs, and commission-based models.

Overall, adopting Scope enabled Publicis Health Media to optimize their pricing processes, achieve better margins, and remain at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industry.

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