Case Study

Streamlining Pricing and Consistency with SCOPE Better

The Client

BMB Agency is a well-established agency with over 11 years of experience in the industry. Initially known as a large TV agency, BMB has transitioned into a more integrated agency, focusing on social and digital platforms. 

With a team of around 80 people, BMB serves 20 to 30 clients at any given time.

The Challenges: Time-based Billing and Inconsistent Pricing

The advertising industry faces a significant challenge in the time it takes to produce creative ideas. BMB realized that the amount of time spent on an idea doesn’t necessarily determine its quality. The agency wanted to shift the client conversations from time-based billing or hours roles and rates, to focusing on the actual value delivered. Additionally, BMB struggled with inconsistent pricing across the agency, as estimates varied based on the individual producing them, leading to pricing inconsistencies and lack of standardized processes.

The Outcome:
Improved Pricing Consistency and Value-driven Conversations

BMB implemented SCOPE to address their challenges and achieve better outcomes:

Value-driven Conversations

With SCOPE, BMB experienced a shift in conversations with clients. Rather than focusing on time spent, discussions centered around what was being delivered for the client’s investment. This change enabled BMB to emphasize the results and outcomes, fostering better client relationships.

Efficient Resource Allocation

SCOPE allowed BMB to avoid over-burning resources by providing a clear focus on delivering work within the estimated hours. This shift eliminated the tendency to exceed the allocated time, ensuring efficient resource allocation and preventing additional costs for clients.

Consistent Pricing

Prior to implementing SCOPE, BMB faced pricing inconsistencies, as estimates varied based on individual producers and lacked standardization. With SCOPE, anyone within the agency can prepare estimates that align with baseline prices, ensuring pricing consistency across the board. This consistency enhanced client trust and satisfaction.

Client Satisfaction and Adoption

Clients embraced BMB’s adoption of SCOPE as it provided transparency and clarity regarding deliverables for the agreed-upon investment. The approach of quality deliverables at optimal hours resonated well with clients, resulting in high satisfaction levels and wholehearted adoption of the new pricing model.

Overall, SCOPE enabled BMB to streamline pricing, improve consistency in estimates, and foster conversations with clients. By implementing more efficient pricing, BMB enhanced client satisfaction and achieved better business outcomes.

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