Introducing our team

At SCOPE Better, we are proud of our diverse, dynamic, and dedicated team.
They are the core of our success, propelling us toward our goal of solving The Pricing Problem for all professional services businesses.

with Insight

Our leadership’s focus extends beyond just leading a successful business - they are committed to nurturing a culture of creative thinking and effective teamwork.

Skilled Engineers
and Developers

Our team of engineers and developers are at the cutting edge of technology, continually innovating to ensure our CPQ tool is not only efficient, but user-friendly, easy to use and reliable.

Committed Customer Success Team

Our customer success professionals are integral to our clients' success with SCOPE Better. They are dedicated to ensure every interaction is smooth, efficient, and customized to fit the distinct needs of your business.

Sales Team

Our sales team has a deep understanding of your industry landscape. They act as a vital link between our product and our clients, ensuring our solutions are communicated and resonate with the needs of your business.

Product Team

Our successful product is at the heart of what we live and strive for. We love winning awards but we love winning clients success and increased profitability.

Meet some of our Business Leaders

Tracey Shirtcliff

Founder & CEO

Charlotte Mason

Head of Professional Services

Lara Sevillano

Head of Product

Caroline Johnson

Regional Director- APAC

Tom Willoughby

Head of Marketing

Make Pricing your Superpower

Solve The Pricing Problem and ensure your team quote the right price every single time.