Revolutionize Processes
with Seamless Integrations

At SCOPE Better, our Configure, Price & Quote (CPQ) tool is more than a standalone solution; it’s a gateway to a world of seamless connectivity and streamlined processes. Our focus is not just on what our tool can do independently, but on how it can harmoniously integrate with your existing technology ecosystem to create a cohesive and efficient working environment.

Out-of-the-Box Integrations

SCOPE Better proudly offers direct integrations with a range of leading software applications, including Salesforce, DocuSign, Smartsheets, and more. These integrations are designed to be plug-and-play, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free connection with your existing systems.

Connect via Our Open API

Flexibility is key in today’s dynamic business environment. Our Open API offers the versatility you need to create custom connections with SCOPE Better. Whether you’re looking to build a unique workflow, integrate with niche software, or simply want more control over how your systems interact, our Open API is your solution for a tailored experience.

Integration through Webhooks

Webhooks enable your systems to communicate with SCOPE Better in real-time, ensuring that data is always up-to-date and actions are triggered instantaneously. This means faster responses, more accurate data handling, and a more synchronized business process.

Middleware Provider Connectivity

Understanding the diverse and complex nature of enterprise technology stacks, we offer 1000+ integrations through our middleware provider. Regardless of the software your business uses, integration with SCOPE Better is not just possible, but simple and effective.

Why Integrate with SCOPE Better?

Enhanced Efficency

Integration reduces manual data entry and streamlines workflows, saving time and reducing errors.

Data Accuracy

Automated data transfer means more reliable information for better 

Customized Workflows

Tailor the integration to suit your unique business needs for maximum productivity.

Seamless Collaboration

Facilitate better teamwork and communication by keeping all stakeholders on the same platform.

Future-Proof Your Business

Stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape with a solution that adapts to new technologies and trends.

A Partner in Your Digital Transformation Journey

At SCOPE Better, we understand that the choice of a CPQ tool is more than just a functional decision – it’s a strategic one. Our integration capabilities are designed to ensure that our tool not only meets your current needs but also scales and evolves with your business. By choosing SCOPE Better, you’re not just selecting a CPQ tool; you’re embracing a partner committed to your digital transformation journey.

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