We solve The Pricing Problem.

Is pricing a problem for your business? It can often be a complex, time consuming and inefficient task. Quoting often relies on inconsistent, scattered data filled with blind spots - there is no single point of truth.

At SCOPE Better we call this The Pricing Problem and it's EXACTLY what we solve.

We help professional services businesses turn pricing into a superpower by giving them the control and visibility needed to ensure their teams give the right price every single time.


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Taking the pain out of pricing and quoting on Spreadsheets & Word Documents

SCOPE Better’s superpower is margin management & improvement.

It provides a single source of truth for your business for pricing, scope versions and more, replacing the manual processes of MS Word, Excel and Google Sheets.

With SCOPE Better your quote builds as you plan your unique solution for clients.

It’s fast, accurate, repeatable, and tracked. Scoping just got better.

As more professional service companies look to digitally transform their processes and unify their businesses tools, SCOPE Better will help to bridge the gaps between your pricing and your ERP, PSA and CRM tools.

SCOPE Better is a secure cloud-based tool, that enables professional service teams to configure their service offerings quickly, accurately in a controlled manner and enables collaboration at a local, regional or global level together as a team. SCOPE Better is an intuitive tool that helps you effortlessly build tailored scope proposals that meet your customers’ unique requirements. It is a central source of truth for you and your clients fee proposals.

Say goodbye to manual price calculations and pricing discrepancies for your services. SCOPE Better’s clever configurable and automated pricing capabilities ensure accurate and consistent.

Generate professional and error-free quotes in minutes. SCOPE Better simplifies the quoting and pricing process with customizable templates and outputs branded to your business, and offers automated approval workflows, as well as real-time data integrations.

SCOPE Better is agnostic and is designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with your existing invested Tech Eco System or as a stand-alone tool. Whether it is Finance, CRM, ERP, PPM, or time management tools. It will ensure a smooth data flow, eliminating data silos, giving you a single source of truth from beginning to end of your scoping process. SCOPE Better will improve operational efficiency, help you and your teams gain comprehensive insights, and optimize your quoting and pricing processes effortlessly.

Make data-driven decisions with SCOPE Better’s robust reporting and analytics capabilities. Gain real-time visibility into your performance, monitor key metrics, and uncover trends to keep on educating your pricing and quoting strategies. Staying ahead of the competition and driving continuous improvement.

Richard Tan - CFO/COO at FIG (Figliulo & Partners) and CFO at Quiddity

How we're going to change the world.

No-one should have to use spreadsheets to scope and price work – so we’re going to change how it’s done forever.

If you’re still wrestling with multiple versions of spreadsheets to price work? We’re here to help. SCOPE Better is the Configure, Price & Quote (CPQ) tool which gives you a single source of truth – making pricing fast, accurate and simple. The pricing and quoting solution you’ll want to use.

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Our solutions for you

Unlock your visionary potential with SCOPE Better. Gain a competitive advantage as a CEO or Executive Director. SCOPE Better empowers you with crucial data for informed decision-making. Discover the value of your pipeline, identify high-demand services and resources, and pinpoint profitable projects. Stay steps ahead of the game with SCOPE Better, propelling your organization towards success.

Optimize resource allocation: SCOPE Better empowers CEOs to strategically allocate resources based on insights into high-demand services, profitability, and resource utilization.

Gain competitive advantage: SCOPE Better enables CEOs to monitor competitors’ pricing strategies, identify market trends, and adjust pricing models for competitive positioning and business growth.

Informed decision making: With SCOPE CPQ’s real-time analytics, CEOs gain insights into sales performance, pipeline value, and project profitability, enabling data-driven decision-making and prioritization of strategic initiatives.

Revolutionise the way you work with your pricing proposals. No more rate card and calculation errors, rogue discounting, or changing terms. With SCOPE Better, your teams will have the latest data automatically applied to their quotes, eliminating manual entry. SCOPE Better seamlessly pulls rate cards and client data from your finance system. Say goodbye to pricing challenges and embrace the future of streamlined scoping with SCOPE Better.

Enhanced cost transparency: SCOPE Better provides CFOs with clear insights into cost structures, identifying savings opportunities and optimizing pricing for improved profitability.

Streamlined compliance and risk management: SCOPE Better automated quoting ensures pricing consistency, regulatory compliance, and transparent financial tracking, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Data-driven forecasting and planning: Utilize SCOPE Better insights and historical sales data for accurate revenue forecasts, pricing trend analysis, and effective financial planning, enhancing resource allocation and decision-making.

Experience a new era of efficiency with SCOPE Better, tailored for Operational Directors. Bid farewell to the frustrations of pricing and quoting on Excel and Word. With SCOPE Better, eliminate wasted effort and effortlessly iron out the bumps and bottlenecks of manual, inconsistent processes. Embrace the transformative power of SCOPE Better and revolutionize your service pricing and quoting methods.

Efficient process management: SCOPE Better replaces manual pricing and quoting with streamlined operations, eliminating frustrations, reducing bottlenecks, and ensuring a smoother workflow.

Enhanced pricing accuracy: SCOPE Better automates the process, utilizing predefined services for accurate pricing and quoting, minimizing errors, and improving operational efficiency.

Optimal resource allocation: SCOPE Better provides insights into project profitability and resource demand, enabling operational directors to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively, optimizing operational performance.

Eliminate inefficiencies, transforming fragmented and error-prone processes into seamless operations. Empower your team with SCOPE Better robust features, empowering you to optimize resource allocation, track project profitability, and deliver exceptional results. From streamlined pricing to precise quoting, SCOPE Better is your ultimate companion in achieving project management excellence.

Streamlined operations: SCOPE Better transforms fragmented processes into seamless operations, optimizing resource allocation, tracking project profitability, and ensuring smooth project execution.

Accurate cost estimation: SCOPE Better’s streamlined pricing and quoting processes enable project managers to generate precise quotes, eliminating guesswork and ensuring accurate cost estimation for projects.

Real-time data-driven decisions: With SCOPE Better real-time data insights, project managers can make informed decisions, identify high-demand services, and proactively manage project risks, leading to improved project outcomes and client satisfaction.

Supercharge your sales efforts with SCOPE Better, designed for Business Development Managers and Sales Directors. Streamline pricing and quoting processes, accelerate sales cycles, and close deals faster. Maximize revenue potential and outshine competitors with realtime data insights and guided selling features. Elevate your sales effectiveness with SCOPE Better.

Streamlined sales collaboration: SCOPE Better enables BD/Sales teams to access and share consistent pricing information, fostering collaboration, cross-selling opportunities, and a cohesive sales approach.

Data-driven decision-making: Utilize SCOPE Better data analytics to make informed decisions, optimize pricing strategies, identify upselling opportunities, and maximize revenue potential.

Enhanced customer experience: SCOPE Better streamlined pricing and quoting processes enable faster response times and personalized proposals, resulting in improved customer satisfaction, stronger relationships, and increased customer loyalty.

Make Pricing your Superpower

Solve The Pricing Problem and ensure your team quote the right price every single time.