New Features – Spring 2024

Throughout the Winter 2023/4 period, we invested significant time and effort into enhancing the Platform. We took user feedback and focused on key areas for improvement, guided by our commitment to continuous development. 

We've redesigned large sections of the user interface

Over the course of 2023 we gathered extensive feedback from our customers on how they actually use the platform, meticulously noting their pain points and suggestions for improvement.

Based on this feedback, we’ve subsequently redesigned and rebuilt several key parts of the platform’s UI, making it now even easier to build, amend, review, approve and export a scope.

We've turbocharged the filter functionality

On the homepage, we’ve redesigned and strategically relocated it to the right of the page. This adjustment allows users to seamlessly navigate their scope list while simultaneously applying filters.

Additionally, we’ve introduced search functionalities and added the ability to filter by deliverable and by component.

We’ve also created a new filter tab on the Scope Overview page. This new feature will allow a user to filter all the variables that make up a scope. Users can compare and contrast multiple different line items within a scope, including price and comments.

We've rebuilt the platform in a new Javascript language to improve stability

In order to improve platform stability, reduce downtime and increase speed, we’ve updated the code language our platform is built in.  

Over the Winter 2023/4 period we dedicated a team to re-writing the platform in a better JavaScript language: ‘TypeScript.’ 

With this new language, we can also now dramatically reduce the build time of future features and developments.

We've introduced a find and replace function

With the new find and replace tool, you can quickly find a certain role and easily switch it out with a new one.

You can also see how often that role shows up in your scope, and easily decide whether to update just one, a few, or all instances with your preferred role. This tool make it much easier to change roles across your whole scope.

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