As a leading SaaS provider, we specialize in empowering B2B enterprise businesses with innovative tools for accurate and efficient scoping and pricing. Our flexible pricing platform is designed with your business needs and scale in mind.  SCOPE Better offers tiered plans, tailored to the number of users and the complexity of your operations, ensuring a perfect fit for enterprises of any size.


$66 per user / per month

Package includes:

Professional Services


$60 per user / per month

Package includes:

Professional Services


$52 per user / per month

Package includes:

Professional Services


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Package includes:

Professional Services

Frequently Asked Questions

SCOPE Better is a CPQ (configure, price, quote) platform for professional services businesses.  If you sell hours, role, rates or people it can seamlessly scaling your estimating, pricing & proposal process.  It will make scoping faster, more consistent, and accurate. SCOPE Better’s superpower is margin management & improvement.  It also integrates with leading ERP, BI, PMO and CRM tools to remove manual links and data entry.  Breaking you free of the manual mess of Excel sheets, Google docs and Word  templates.

Pricing can be delivered a number of ways. Whether you use time-and-materials, fixed-price, cost plus, outcome-based, t-shirt sizing or a combination. SCOPE Better can help you to have a single source of truth for pricing in your business.  With services, reducing the price often means changes in scope, timeline, or resources, which impacts risk, not just margin.  Contrary to popular belief, Services teams don’t quote resources, but rather, they quote skills. Required skills vary considerably from quote to quote and from resource to resource, even when the resources share the same title.  Until recently, CPQ software was designed only for product and manufacturing companies, not services-focused operations.  With not all CPQ products being equal.  SCOPE Better uniquely deals with complex professional service businesses in an easy to use and clear way.

Pricing and quoting for professional services can be as simple as a block of hours or a line item with a price, but it can also be very complex.  It might involve multiple ratecards based on teams locations, experience, or fee. It could include project phases and stages that change from opportunity to opportunity. It can require adjusting the hours on the project timeline to reflect the unique requirements of an opportunity.  SCOPE Better natively captures the valuable details of all quotes and turns those details into always available, always updated, valuable information via dashboards and reports.

SCOPE Better can easily and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.  We love to ensuring a smooth flow of data across your current invested tech ecosystem – see our integrations page for more detail.

Absolutely! SCOPE Better is highly customizable.  It is deigned to allowi you to tailor the software to your specific business requirements and workflows.

Yes, SCOPE Better is designed to handle complex service configurations. Its intuitive drag and drop scope builder can empower you to configure even the most intricate service offerings effortlessly.

With SCOPE Better, you can easily generate a complex quote in minutes. The software simplifies the quoting process with customizable templates, automated approval workflows, and real-time data integration.

Absolutely! SCOPE Better is a cloud-based solution, allowing you to access the software from any device with an internet connection, regardless of your location.

SCOPE Better caters to a wide range of project-driven or retainer based services industries, including but not limited to Architecture & Engineering, Creative Agencies, IT Services, Legal Firms, Management Consulting.

Yes, data security is a top priority for SCOPE Better. The software has robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

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