Release Notes | April 2024

Updates to Permissions  

This month we released a new and improved UI for managing and assigning permissions on the product. This has improved both the permission profile and the members page.

Users can now administer client specific permissions in a quicker and smoother way. They can now also set and edit permissions on the brand level, giving increased control and nuance to viewing and editing access .

This is particularly useful for those who need to have nuanced and granular control over which users have the ability to scope against particular clients and brands, as well as clients that want to segment users into different permission profiles to control who has access to what clients. 

Performance Enhancements

Further performance enhancements have been made to speed up loading time across key pages on the application.  These include the ‘creating a scope’, ‘adding team members’ and the ‘manage’ page.

Improvements to component uploaders

Component uploaders have been refactored to improve speed, accuracy and experience of uploading. When users are uploading components it’s now faster and more accurate.

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