Release Notes | Feb 2024

Workday Integration  

This Integration allows users to:  

– Pull clients from their Workday tenant into the SCOPE Better system, allowing one source of truth for all client data  

– Push a scope and its contents to create projects in Workday, reducing any manual effort in creating and populating project information and leaving the team ready to start logging hours

– Pull time back in. Hours logged against projects will pull back into SCOPE Better, allowing sold vs actuals to be reconciled in one simple and easy place.  

Cache Value Service 

Our new backend service has changed the way financials are calculated across the platform. This will lead to faster loading times and improved performance. It will also lead reports exporting from the system more quickly. This sets the foundation to take cross-scope reporting to the next level.  


Margins will now be available on dashboards, the scope overview page and the folder overview page.  

Margins on the dashboard will update depending on the filters you have enabled on the page.  

The Margin reported is a weighted average margin across all the scopes in the system.  

Note – margin will only be visible to those who have the permission to see it. (If a user has parent child access, the visible margin will automatically be filtered to the systems they have access to.) 

Improvements to Uploaders  

Component uploaders now have roles organized by departments, allowing better structure and increased usability of the component uploaders. 

Fixed fee uploaders have been extended and component exporters have been extended to output all fixed fee component information, facilitating the bulk export, edit and re-upload functionality. 


Implemented various bug fixes to enhance system stability and performance. 

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