Release Notes | June 2024

Cost and Margin added to Fixed Fee Components  

We have added cost to fixed fee components. This allows users to calculate margin across fixed fees, meaning financials are more accurate across the scope. 

All the component uploaders have been updated to be able to speedily facilitate the seamless updating of existing components. 

Changes to the ‘My Scopes’ page

We have made a number of changes to this key page. These include:

  • Improvements to the filtering tool
  • Refinements to the pages UI
  • Improvements to the search functionality

Security Enhancements

Following feedback from our most recent security testing, we made a number of updates to the authenticantion process. This has in turn created a smoother and safer login experience.

The Heart Icon

We’ve fixed issues with the heart icon on the deliverable builder page. When users hit this button, they can see components from heir library ordered from most to least used.  

This powerful feature facilitates using components that are tried and tested, further speeding up the internal and external review processes. 

Members export

Admins are now able to export the members page of the platform. The export includes all relevant details about the members of a company including for their email, permission profile, whether that profile has been edited and their last login.  

Workato Authentication  

Users that have integrations powered by Workato are now able to input their account details directly inside the SCOPE Better platform. This speeds up the production access set-up and adds an additional layer of security.

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