Transforming estimating and pricing for professional services 

Estimating and Pricing for professional services is witnessing a revolution in the constantly changing landscape of competition and the advancement of the digital era. Traditionally, success is typically measured by the quality of deliverables and the ability of businesses to secure new projects quickly. Old-school methods relied on Word Documents, Excel, and Google Sheets. However, increasingly, these have demonstrated limitations in the face of growing market demands.

A revolutionary approach with the introduction of Configuration, Pricing & Quoting (CPQ) software like SCOPE, purpose-built for professional services acquisitions or business engagement wins.

The Old Ways Are Not Always The Best 

Experiencing problems with estimating and pricing is certainly not a new issue. Professional services providers have always experienced challenges in this area. Services are inherently based on individual client needs. Therefore, determining accurate estimates and competitive pricing is bound to be challenging. Traditional methods rely greatly on manual calculations, which often leads to errors, inconsistency, and a long, drawn-out process. This results in intrinsic inefficiencies, exposing companies to financial risks.

Embracing Innovation in Estimating and Pricing

Businesses all over the globe are recognizing the limitations of the conventional approach. Professional service companies are now turning to technology-led solutions to satisfy their estimating, pricing, and contracting requirements. The real challenge is not simply about providing cutting-edge solutions but also democratizing the ability to provide accurate estimates and quotes. The old ways were dependent on senior-level experts to do this work. A method was needed where even junior staff could do the job efficiently and professionally.

Configuration, Pricing, and Quoting software (CPQ), such as SCOPE CPQ for Services, offers a range of functionalities. By adopting CPQ software, companies can transform their entire quote-to-contract process. This powerful software provides speed, accuracy, and consistency in its offerings.

Scope offers:

1- Estimation Precision

CPQ software enables businesses to create accurate estimates. It achieves this by configuring services based on the client’s requirements. CPQ’s built-in intelligence and rules utilize platforms to ensure that all proposed solutions align with the resources and capabilities of the service provider. Moreover, this improves the accuracy and credibility of the estimate while increasing the likelihood of successful project execution.

2- Dynamic Pricing

Adopting a smart CPQ platform means that the process is no longer a shot in the dark. Businesses can now implement dynamic pricing strategies that consider the complex nature of the project. Factor-in resource availability, market demand, and everything offered by the competition profit margins is safeguarded. Secure data ensures that the pricing stays competitive.

3- A Consistent approach to Proposals

Consistency is crucial when presenting proposals to your potential clients. Some CPQ solutions can standardize proposal templates. SCOPE ensures that all essential information is included while keeping branding intact; key MSA terms, the correct terms and conditions – all saving time and also leaving your clients with a professional impression.

4- Risk Mitigation

Smart CPQ systems, like SCOPE utilize data analytics and historical project performances to identify potential risks associated with specific projects accurately. This approach enables businesses to reach informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and in addition, develop contingency plans.

5- Contract Management Efficiency

Contracts are binding agreements that govern the execution of all projects. Crucially, CPQ software facilitates seamless contract management. It achieves this by generating detailed, accurate contracts based on the configured solutions, thus reducing ambiguity, minimizing disputes, and laying down a clear foundation for the delivery of the project.

Transcending Vertical Markets

The transformative power of CPQ software in estimating and pricing is evident. However, its impact is not confined to any particular industry. Many verticals, from creative agencies to management consulting and IT services, require efficient estimating, pricing, and quoting. This powerful software has incredible versatility and the ability to adapt to the unique requirements of any  professional services

For IT Services and Management Consulting, a CPQ system like SCOPE is incredibly helpful in estimating the time and resources needed, plus crafting accurate project plans and comprehensive proposals. These are precisely aligned with clients’ technological requirements and strategic objectives. For Creative Agencies, where innovation and creativity are of paramount importance, the software will assistestimating the time and resources require for complex design and marketing projects. This, in turn, enhances the agency’s competitiveness.

Common Misconceptions

It Removes People From the Process. 

A common, wrongly held belief is that utilizing technology turns service into merely a product. This is not true. CPQ for Sevices software is not simply having a “buy now” click button on your company website. Human interaction is inherent throughout the process and absolutely necessary to maintain high standards. Businesses will still need to make sales calls. The difference is that they do to pre-qualified leads and are armed with accurate and invaluable information.

It Signals the Death of Customized Working

This simply is not the case. CPQ software certainly makes it easier for your clients to make purchases, but there is still plenty of room for customization.

It Won’t Work Without You

You’ve built the company up, and it’s hard to relinquish absolute control. Founders of companies are traditionally reluctant to delegate. However, the best bosses do! In the early stages, you will likely want to work on the system. But as you get used to it, you will find yourself delegating more and more as the trust in the product builds.


We are in an age where success hinges on quality of service and the ability to secure new business. Traditional methods of estimating and pricing are simply no longer adequate. CPQ systems such as SCOPE have emerged as transformative forces that propel the professional services business sector into a new era of consistency, efficiency, and scalability. 

SCOPE systematically productizes institutional knowledge. Moreover, it empowers businesses to create accurate estimates and quotes irrespective of staff experience levels. The software will further expedite the process while at the same time maintaining full accountability and total professionalism. 

SCOPE CPQ software isn’t confined to a singular industry. It is highly adaptable and versatile. It will benefit IT Services, Management Consulting, Creative Agencies, and much, much more. In this hyper-fast-moving, embracing, CPQ software is not just a technological upgrade; it’s a whole new approach that will redefine a business’s trajectory in the competitive world of professional services. Estimating and pricing have moved into a whole new era, margin and its management is a winning need for all professional services businesses. 

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