Make Pricing
your Superpower

With our Pricing Platform, you can solve The Pricing Problem and ensure that your team gives your clients the right price, every single time.

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We've helped some of the world's leading Professional Services businesses

Most Professional Services companies suffer from The Pricing Problem...

Pricing varies, with different prices being given to clients for the same type of work

Projects are complex with lots of variables and deliverables, this makes pricing them complex too

The constant data entry required with legacy pricing tools leaves companies open to data error

Companies lack a simple and easy way to see all the pricing from across the business we built our Pricing Platform to help them solve it.

To get to the right price for your work, the deliverables, resources and financials need to align. Yet old ways of pricing like using spreadsheets and other disconnected tools leave you open to unnecessary risk, afterall spreadsheets spread data!

From a dynamic quote builder, to t-shirt sizing, document generation and more, our Pricing Platform is filled with a host of powerful tools designed to help you gain control and visibility over your pricing process.

Unlike most of our competitors, we’re not just a plugin, or add-on to another software. Neither are we built into someone else’s system. We’re able to connect and integrate with 1000+ other tools easily allowing you to integrate SCOPE Better into your existing tech stack.

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Make Pricing your Superpower

Solve The Pricing Problem and ensure your team quote the right price every single time.