Manage your pricing in a fast, scalable & repeatable way!

Unlock the power of precision and scalability with SCOPE Better’s innovative CPQ (Configuration, Pricing & Quoting) for Services platform.

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Our product philosophy

Price Smarter, Sell Better

The SCOPE Better platform empowers you to generate quotes in a matter of minutes, eliminating the current daylong delays. Seize opportunities swiftly and stay ahead of the competition. Bid farewell to lengthy waiting times.

Bring the right people together to collaborate on and approve scopes of work seamlessly. SCOPE Better facilitates efficient communication and ensures that the right quote with the right detail gets in front of the right people. With version control, and approval workflow SCOPE will help you reduce unnecessary complexity and errors. Save time, streamline workflows, and close deals faster.

With just a click, watch as SCOPE Better auto-generates professional proposal documents for your business. Bid farewell to manual and clunky document creation and say hello to effortless efficiency. Impress your clients with beautifully designed and tailored documents, with the right T&C’s. Never forget any key MSA terms again. Easy – and all with minimal effort.

Why SCOPE Better

Revolutionize Your Pricing Game

SCOPE Better, our CPQ platform enables your teams to configure services quickly and accurately. You can either create proposals on the fly or by editing something that is pre-configured. SCOPE is intuitive and supports any-way pricing – pricing that suits your business or clients or a team. You can effortlessly build tailored solutions that meet your customers’ unique requirements.

Say goodbye to manual price calculations and pricing discrepancies, hello to accuracy, consistency and clarity on profit margins.

Dynamic quoting generates professional and error-free quotes in minutes with customizable templates, automated approval workflows, and real-time data integrations.

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