Pricing with Scope: A Necessary Digital Transformation for Professional Business Services

The whole landscape of professional services is constantly evolving. In modern business, precision, efficiency, and adaptability are of paramount importance. Fortunately, a revolutionary tool has emerged to address the unique pricing challenges professional business services are currently facing.

“The professional services landscape is rapidly changing. Technology, new business models, and the threat of commoditization are eroding traditional ways of providing value to clients. Firms will need to find new ways to compete — and new ways to package, and be compensated for, the value they can deliver. Value-based pricing is well suited to this challenge.” – Lee Frederiksen, Ph.D.FOUNDING PARTNER, EMERITUS

Welcome to SCOPE CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote for Services) for Services. This transformative solution has been designed to enable professional service companies to configure, price, and quote with more accuracy than ever before. Pricing with SCOPE is unmatched for accuracy and efficiency.

A Game Changer for Professional Services Businesses

SCOPE CPQ is not just another software application; it’s a game-changer. This comprehensive system has been meticulously crafted to cater to the precise needs of businesses that offer knowledge, time, and labor as their primary services. Whether you are a creative agency, an IT or software development provider, a financial services firm, a legal practice, or any other professional service provider, SCOPE is tailored to your needs. Adopt a strategy of pricing with SCOPE and streamline your entire operations.

This article will explain the functionalities and benefits of SCOPE CPQ for Services businesses. We will demonstrate how SCOPE will enable your business to achieve consistent pricing, simplify resource planning, and establish a single source of truth. Furthermore, it will enhance profitability analysis and overcome the complexities of service offerings and manual processes. Continue reading to gain a comprehensive understanding of how pricing with SCOPE will revolutionize the way your professional service company approaches pricing. This approach will propel your business toward greater success in our increasingly competitive and dynamic market.

Professional Services Businesses That Will Benefit from Pricing with SCOPE

Professional service companies encompass a wide range of industries that offer knowledge, time, or labor as their primary service. SCOPE is a versatile solution suitable for various sectors, including, but not limited to:

  • Creative and Marketing Agencies
  • IT and Software Development Providers
  • Financial Services Companies
  • Legal Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Architecture and Engineering Firms
  • Construction Companies
  • Other Business Consulting Services

The Power of SCOPE CPQ for Services

Pricing with SCOPE stands out.  It is a robust platform specifically designed for services. It enables businesses to create precise quotes by leveraging its unique features, such as resourcing and scope by role. This intelligent approach to managing complex service bundles has transformed how our clients now handle their service offerings.  SCOPE prides itself on Anyway pricing, which means they cater for all the unique ways you could price.

Consistent Pricing and a Single Source of Truth

For a long time, everyone has recognized that one of the primary challenges professional service companies face is maintaining consistent pricing across their offerings. Without a standardized pricing approach, companies have traditionally struggled to align their pricing strategies at both local and global levels. This inconsistency has led to confusion and inefficiencies.

SCOPE CPQ for Services solves this problem by serving as a single source of truth for pricing. It shows businesses how to establish standardized pricing models that are easily accessible to all teams. This consistency simplifies pricing while at the same time ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page.

Analyzing Profitability Accurately

When professional service companies are pricing for jobs, they must accurately analyze the profitability. Without the right tools and data, it is challenging to assess the profitability of all projects and services accurately. Any disconnect at this point will lead to missed opportunities and possible financial setbacks.

Pricing with SCOPE CPQ for Services will provide your business with the necessary tools to analyze profitability comprehensively. The software tracks all costs associated with a project, including resources and materials. SCOPE presents a crystal clear view of where profitability can be optimized. This enables businesses to make data-driven decisions, prioritizing services that yield higher profits.

Evaluating Performance Effectively

For growth and sustainability, professional service companies must evaluate team and project performance effectively. Inadequate tools and inaccurate data sources can and will hinder any evaluation processes and make it extremely difficult to identify areas that require improvement.

SCOPE enhances performance evaluation. This is achieved by centralizing data and offering insightful analytics. Pricing with SCOPE enables teams to access real-time performance metrics and allows for more informed decisions. This transparency excels at fostering a culture of continuous improvement. It will enable businesses to refine their services and boost overall performance.

Addressing Poor Availability and Accuracy of Data

Data is the lifeblood of any effective pricing strategy, and yet many professional service companies still need help with poor data availability and accuracy. Without accurate data, your company will lack a defined and aligned pricing strategy at a local and global level. Manual data entry and reliance on disparate systems can and will lead to errors and delays in decision-making.

Pricing with SCOPE mitigates this challenge by automating data collection and analysis. SCOPE ensures that the information used for pricing is both available and accurate by integrating with various data sources and eliminating manual data entry. This saves time and also enhances the reliability of pricing decisions.

Overcoming the Complexity of Service Offerings and Manual Processes

Professional service offerings are often complex; they involve multiple roles, resources, and customized solutions. Traditional manual processes are time-consuming, carry risks, and can be challenging to handle intricate service bundles.

SCOPE simplifies the whole process by providing a structured framework for building quotes. It utilizes resourcing and scope-by-role features to enable businesses to identify the necessary resources, roles, and materials for each project. By doing so, it streamlines the whole quotation process and ensures that nothing is overlooked.

Integrating with Financial and CRM Systems

Lastly, a critical aspect of SCOPE is the seamless integration of CPQ tools with your financial and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. This holistic approach to integration ensures that all your pricing decisions align with financial goals and customer relationships. As a result, your business will make more informed decisions, enhance customer relationships, and drive profitability.


SCOPE CPQ for services offers a one-stop-shop solution for professional service companies wishing to improve their pricing strategies and operational efficiency. With SCOPE, businesses will achieve consistent pricing, establish a single source of truth, enhance profitability analysis, and streamline resource planning. Furthermore, it enables them to overcome the complexities of service offerings and manual processes. By embracing this digital transformation, professional business services will find it easier to position themselves for long-term success in today’s competitive and dynamic market.

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