Release Notes | March 2024

Over the course of March, as well as releasing several bug fixes, we also deployed two major releases.

‘Angular Release’

In the beginning of March we deployed our ‘Angular Release’ which you can read more about in depth on our dedicated page here.

‘Cost Plus Release’

On 22nd March we put our ‘Cost Plus Release’ live. This means that customers can now use SCOPE Better to price using the Cost Plus pricing strategy.

The feature allows the user to apply a fixed percentage to the cost price of roles on a rate card.

This percentage can be configured so it is client specific and can be different for different ratecards, allowing full flexibility regardless of how cost plus rates are negotiated in the organisation.

Permissions fully govern visibility of cost plus rates, so only the users who have the permissions to see cost and markup rates have visibility.

Users with permissions can also choose whether to scope using cost plus rates or the rates on a rate card, allowing full flexibility on a scope-to-scope basis for the business.

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