Release Notes | April 2024

Updates to Permissions   This month we released a new and improved UI for managing and assigning permissions on the product. This has improved both the permission profile and the members page. Users can now administer client specific permissions in a quicker and smoother way. They can now also set and edit permissions on the brand level, […]

Why AI means change for marketing agency pricing

This article first appeared in New Digital Age Magazine. If you run an ad agency, you already know that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing everything. Business processes, data analysis, and creative  practices. Generative AI can be used for copywriting, image creation, and editing. It makes things faster, cheaper, and easier.  But it also means that […]

Re-evaluating consultancy pricing in the age of AI

This article was first published in Think of your consultancy’s pricing structure. What does it look like? I’m going to bet that it has something to do with hourly rates – the effort you put in for your clients. And why wouldn’t you do this? It’s what every other consultancy firm does—what they’ve always […]

Release Notes | March 2024

Over the course of March, as well as releasing several bug fixes, we also deployed two major releases. ‘Angular Release’ In the beginning of March we deployed our ‘Angular Release’ which you can read more about in depth on our dedicated page here. ‘Cost Plus Release’ On 22nd March we put our ‘Cost Plus Release’ […]

The Power of Automation: Transforming Scope of Work Documents with CPQ

In service businesses, scope of work documents play a crucial role in defining project requirements, deliverables, and expectations for clients. However, the traditional manual processes involved in creating and managing these documents can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This is where Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) services come into play. By automating and digitising document […]

Boosting Profitability: Maximising Revenue with CPQ Solutions

In the rapidly evolving world of agencies and service-based businesses, profitability is often a delicate balancing act. The key to maximising revenue lies not just in the delivery of exceptional services, but also in the implementation of effective pricing strategies. This is where Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solutions come into play. These solutions, like those […]

Enhancing Accuracy and Consistency in Price Quoting: The Role of Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Solutions

In the professional services sector, the ability to produce reliable and uniform price quotes is a critical factor that influences both customer satisfaction and business profitability. Nonetheless, the manual generation of quotes can often lead to a variety of problems, including inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and errors. These issues can significantly tarnish your business’s reputation and negatively […]

Release Notes | Feb 2024

Workday Integration   This Integration allows users to:   – Pull clients from their Workday tenant into the SCOPE Better system, allowing one source of truth for all client data   – Push a scope and its contents to create projects in Workday, reducing any manual effort in creating and populating project information and leaving the team ready […]

Streamlining Pricing and Enhancing Client Confidence with SCOPE Better at XenoPsi Ventures

Case Study Streamlining Pricing and Enhancing Client Confidence with SCOPE Better at XenoPsi Ventures The Client XenoPsi Ventures has been operating as a brand incubator for over twenty-five years providing financial, marketing and intellectual property support to a growing portfolio of companies. Method1, Function Growth and Z/Axis Strategies provide professional services to their clients throughout […]